Modular Gas Filling, Dispensing and Pumping Station with a Pump of VDM NA100 Type and One Tank of 4.6 HC Type with a Rated Capacity of 4.6 m³


1. VDM Modular Process System No. 93.0110/4

According to drawing No. _____, it is applied for propane/butane pumping based on a pumping unit of VDM NA100 type, for connecting to one aboveground tank, with a self-fuelling function.

The System Consists of the Following Main Components:

  • VDM NA100type pumping unit for propane/butane with multifunction gland sealing and a capacity of 100 L/min, at a differential pressure of 14 bar under 1500 rpm.
  • Input: DN 50, PN 40, DIN 2635.
  • Output: DN 32, PN 40, DIN 2635.
  • Explosion-proof electric motor of 5.5 kW, EEx e II T3, 230/400V, 50 Hz, IP 55, 1500 rpm, with coupling and protective casing.

Basic Package:

  • Liquid phase inlet DN50 with a ball valve DN50.
  • Liquid phase outlet DN25 with a ball valve DN25 and a check valve.
  • Bypass line with a valve.
  • By-pass pipe outlet with a ball valve DN25 on the tank connection line.
  • Vapour phase pipe with a ball valve DN20 on the tank connection line.
  • Vapour phase compensating pipe assembly DN20 with a filling coupling M 60x4.0, left-hand, with a protective cover.
  • Filling pipe DN50 with a ball valve DN50, a check valve and a screwed coupling M 60x4, left-hand, with a protective cover.
  • Strainer DN50 on a suction pipe.
  • Shut-off, relief and control valves installed in accordance with the existing regulations.
  • START/STOP explosion-proof push-button panel.
  • Instrumentation and monitoring equipment.
  • Discharge system of “Candle” type.

The system is assembled on a common frame with the possibility of subsequent installation of an electronic VDM gas dispenser thereon. Primed and painted.

2. Tank of 4.6-HC Type for System Connection with a Rated Capacity of 4.6 m³ for Aboveground Installation

Tank diameter 1,200 mm; inspection window DN 500; operating temperature -40 / +40 °C; operating pressure 1.48 MPa; weatherproof corrosion-resistant coating of the outer tank surface.

Basic Package

  • Relief valve with a shut-off valve and a gasket.
  • Fill-up valve.
  • Vapour phase recovery valve with a speed valve.
  • Angle valve for liquid phase intake with a speed valve.
  • Overflow pipe.
  • Pressure gauge with a casing diameter 63 mm.
  • Mechanical level gauge.
  • Flanged socket DN 40 for tank discharging and charging with LPG liquid phase.
  • Flanged socket DN 20 for LPG vapour phase discharging.
  • Flanged socket DN 25 for a bypass line.
  • Female connector G3/4”.
  • Tank supports for understructure installation.