Ring Type Evaporative Units for LPG

The evaporative unit is designed to evaporate liquefied petroleum gases of propane, butane and their mixtures and supply the vapour phase to consumers.

One of the many advantages of this evaporative unit, as compared to evaporators and evaporative units of other manufacturers, is its small size design, which in turn saves money and time significantly while designing and installing equipment at the facility. The installation of an evaporative unit takes no more than two hours, from mounting on the neck to commissioning, because there is no need to install an understructure and lay additional pipelines with the necessary shut-off and relief valves for installation, for example as in the cabinet type models.

According to the customer’s request, the unit can be equipped with a medium or a low pressure regulator with safety/relief and shut-off valves, with speed or check valves, with spark quenchers and insulating flange kits.

The electrical design of the unit complies with the VDE and ATEX regulations and is approved for installation within the EX II explosion hazardous area.

The unit’s electrical control panel is located directly in the cavity of the neck’s protective casing.

Basic Specifications (Low Design)

  • LPG evaporation capacity: 100, 150, 200 kg (propane at 1.023 bar).
  • Electricity consumption in a switched on mode: 18, 26, 36 kW/400V/50Hz.
  • Actual electricity consumption: 110 W per 1 kg of evaporated gas.
  • Inlet pressure: maximum allowable pressure in tank.
  • Rated pressure: PN25.
  • Test pressure: 37.5 bar.
  • Operating temperature: -40 C° to +50 C°.
  • Connection to discharge gas into tank: M 60x4 fitting.
  • Connection to gas carrier on vapour phase: M 60x4 fitting.
  • Withdrawal of vapour noncontrolled phase from tank: DN25/PN25 flange.
  • Emergency withdrawal of liquid fraction: DN25/PN25 flange.
  • Vapour phase withdrawal from evaporative unit: flange from DN25 to DN50 depending on the desired outlet pressure.


  • Evaporative assembly with a capacity of 100, 150 and 200 kg/hour.
  • Magnetic valve 230V/50Hz on the gas-to-evaporator supply line.
  • Electrical control panel with a possibility of gas temperature adjustment at the evaporator outlet.
  • Manometers with shut-off valves at the unit’s inlet and outlet.
  • Strainer.
  • Liquid separator with an integrated liquid-phase shut-off mechanism to prevent the consumer’s gas pipeline from liquid phase intrusion.
  • Ball valve for olefin sediment discharge from the separator.
  • Evaporator overheat protection sensor.
  • Thermal insulation against tank neck heating.
  • Medium pressure regulator.
  • Low pressure regulator.


Product code Item Name Rated Capacity
(без регуляторов среднего и низкого давления)
VDM№ 20.30100/SE/C Ring type evaporative unit VDM 100 SE/C 100 kg/hour
VDM№ 20.30150/SE/C Ring type evaporative unit VDM 150 SE/C 150 kg/hour
VDM№ 20.30200/SE/C Ring type evaporative unit VDM 200 SE/C 200 kg/hour

All designs are without protective casing.

Additional Options

  • Protective tank neck cover with a lid of stainless steel.
  • Cover cavity lighting.
  • Emergency shutdown button.
  • Additional function of a response device with RS485 interface to integrate into the central control system for object protection and management.